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Ignorance is the only option, Part Three: The Non-love interest Effect.

Another complication arising from Mike's fear of being aware of his surroundings is that he has the amusing habit of conjuring up rivals that do not actually exist. We are first made aware of this hilarious tendency in two months' time when Martha accepts Lawrence's invitation to dance because Mike is too busy hovering by the table shoveling food in to his pie-hole while convincing himself that he's going to make a fool of himself and be laughed at by a girl who only pretended to like him so she could reveal herself to be part of the bullshit conspiracy to humiliate him that only exists in his fevered brain to do so. Since his need to see himself as the victim of all victims surpassing all others is an eveb stronger need than his need to evade responsibility for his actions, he spends the next year assuming that Lawrence is Martha's new boyfriend and, when told what was going on, confidently and falsely thinks that he would have known if she was simply trying to make him jealous because he took too long to ask her to dance.

While this was bad, what was worse was when he, sight unseen, assumed that Rhetta's older brother simply had to be her controlling boyfriend and also sight unseen thought they were playing games with his empty God-damned head. It's not that he didn't bother asking her who that older fellow who thought he was a twerp was or that he's a gloomy dope who assumes the worst all the time because he likes being miserable, it's that they withheld things to make him look stupid. The irritating thing is that it appears to me that when he sent her that fucking God-damned break-up email, she was 'with' another relative trying to make sense of why he was throwing himself at that girl from grade school because he liked posing as a hero instead of the scummy creep of a paparazzo he actually was. Why, he even folded when faced with the non-threat of Perry The Unseen and Deanna would have sooner married Charles Manson than reward her evil, controlling mother for giving two shits about her well-being. Not, of course, that Mike sees himself as a craven coward who lives with his head up his ass. He's allergic to self-awareness too. 
Tags: thou shalt not know

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