dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ignorance is the only option, Part Four: On gumballs and windshields.

 The irritating thing about having to bear witness to how living with his parents has warped his perception of events is making note of how Mike casts Mira as being a monster bent on his subjugation because she questions his fucked-up work habits and insists that he at least try to pretend that he understands that Deanna and his kids have material and emotional needs that he himself is obliged to meet. This is because he sees normal behaviour as being somehow wrong and twisted and bad because his parents' crazy-quilt idea of morality is all he really knows. He can't understand generosity because he was raised on a favour bank system of morality and he can't understand that other people aren't plotting to ruin him because paranoia is all he understands.

This is why we have to deal with the fact that he can't simply move on when he outgrows a shiny new love interest. He can't simply find Martha to be tiresome company jabbering about how her parents are Nazi mutants from outer space who don't understand that since their lives are over, she should be treated like an adult. It's like how he can't simply admit that Rhetta was destined to be a smile on his face that his wife wouldn't understand or much like if she did. No. He must turn inoffensive behaviour into part of a plan to wreck him and he must turn wispy little girls who wanted to move on and be friends afterwards into temptresses who got into his head and messed it up because that's just what they do, MAN!!!, they like, get into your soul and all that other beatnik bullshit Phil taught him. 
Tags: thou shalt not know

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