dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ignorance Is The Only Option, Part Five: The Flight From Responsibility

The need Mike has to avoid learning anything dangerous about the collapse of his relationships with Martha and Rhetta always seems to lead him into deflecting blame by stating that he wasn't really in love in the first place because he had no idea what real love really was. Just as Elly managed to convince herself that she'd fallen prey to a sort of madness or illness when the boy she fixated on made no bones about how stupid her crush was, Michael's response to rejection is to cower behind a plea of temporary insanity because he only thought what he had with the crazy girl who rejected him and said crazy things about having emotional needs like she was a real person was love.

This allows him to wash himself clean without doing something horrible and wrong like, say, admitting that he'd played his cards atrociously all along. It's not that he was looking for an excuse to feel hurt, it's that he was the victim of a bizarre delusion that is not his fault. It also allows him to preserve the delusion that's the only way he can go on living by letting him tell himself that he was a far better boyfriend than he actually was. It's akin to how the only way Elly doesn't just up and hang herself is because she tells herself that she's a better mother than she really is.
Tags: thos shalt not know.

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