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Ignorance is the only option, Part Six: The Blindspot Effect.

Of course, Mike has a lot of help thinking that he was better for Martha than he was and it's the same help Liz had thinking that it was some sort of injury that she be made to move on and ask for more out of life than a parent-approved John clone of a husband: Gordon Mayes, a massive asshole who's still pissed that a girl he wanted wouldn't have him. If it weren't for his impossible crush on what Lynn's idea of a sexpot is, he'd probably join the people reading the strip asking "What does Martha see in that fragile, paranoid dope?"

This is because there's a hard fact that no Patterson is willing to face: they have the amazing tendency to look a damned sight like the asshole love interest a sympathetic character has to jettison for his or her own good. Just as I wanted to say "You just keep on dreaming, you vindictive asshole" when Mikey Girl made his "Someday, I'll be BIG and IMPORTANT and Martha will be sorry to have dumped a sniveling, driveling piece of shit like me", I thought to myself that Eric, Paul and Warren all dodged a Lizardbreath-shaped bullet and should be congratulated for doing so. Since they'll have to carve the Patterson family motto "Being stupid means never having to say 'I'm sorry'" on their grave markers, Mike and Liz aren't aware that people tend to cheer on the people they dump for having good taste.
Tags: thos shalt not know.

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