dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ignorance is the only option, Part Eight: the Mayes connection.

Before I transition to why Liz is a different sort of terrible partner from Mike, I think it fair to point out what they have in common: the destructive presence of Gordon Mayes in their lives. We're about to see why he's more than just another scruffy jerk kid giving Mike a hard time about his love life in about a year when he makes an unsettling ass of himself throwing himself at a girl he doesn't stand any sort of rational chance with. He poisons the well with that moronic God-damned hormone attack bullshit because he thinks that making a crass display of himself whenever she sees him will make her think "Instead of dating a well-respected athlete, I should date the neighbourhood spastic," he makes no attempt to talk to her, he feels wounded that she sees him as being the outcast he is and gets all butthurt because despite the knight in shining armor maneuver, she still didn't think that he deserved anything more than a friendly hello after he called her a cab when she got blasted.

This is not only why he's Gordy On The Spot to sympathize when Mike wants to spout off about being a bug on someone's windshield when he yet again misreads what the other person is saying in the most theatrically stupid way possible, he's there to inform Liz that most people (by which he means him) want to see her marry a guy who's (literally) crazy for her because he gets a vicarious thrill out of seeing at least one stalker asshole get the girl of his wet dreams. Also, Liz is too stupid to notice when people have feelings for her but that's for another day.
Tags: thos shalt not know.

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