dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ignorance is the only option, Part Nine: Liz versus being aware.

As you know, I think that the most irritating part of Liz's first encounter with Anthony is that it was foreshadowed by her having her back turned and dismissing sight unseen the possibility that anyone would be trying to get her romantic attention and not seeing Christopher more or less have a hormone attack. While the premise was probably supposed to be either "Oh, if only she knew" or "What the Hell do kids know about love, anyway?", the problem I have is that even if Liz had seen Chris's display, she'd still probably have thought that she must have been mistaken in thinking that he was trying to make a pass at her.

This is because she seems to have spent entirely too long clinging to Elly's ankle in fear of everyone as a child and it appears to have affected her ability to understand what people are thinking. We can watch Anthony make a point of being in her presence all the time and come to the conclusion that he's trying to work up the nerve to ask her out. Since she falsely thinks that she'd know if that were the case because she thinks that she's better at picking up on social cues than she actually is, she had to be sat down and told this about him and even then, she tried to explain it away. It's akin to how she never seems to understand that certain smile that says "Me Wantee" when Paul, Warren and Eric are smiling it.
Tags: thou shalt not know.

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