dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ignorance is the only option, Part Ten: She actually is just standing around.

I think that the strip that best defines Liz's character that isn't her stupidly calling April a picky-face because she doesn't feel like caring about her kid sister's concerns (which I will discuss in my following entry) is the one in which she hovers at the edge of a meeting of John's model railroading club because she's afraid of joining in. The reason why I say this is that John says that she should do something useful instead of simply standing around like a fool. This causes Liz to angrily huff and puff about the unfairness of being accused of simply standing around only to go right back to standing around in the background pretty much on the verge of wetting herself because strangers are present.

The reason that I mentioned this is that what she shares with Michael is a comically sinister inability to properly appreciate what she looks like to other people or how they might interpret her behaviour. Since she's blind to how other people might perceive her actions, she makes a whole lot of trouble for herself by blundering her way through life not knowing why the ice queen career woman who hates her for no reason actually has a God-damned good reason for being jealous. Liz might indeed be innocent of the things Thérèse accuses her of but she sure doesn't look so and she's too dumb to know what she's doing wrong. This becomes a rather dark joke when one realizes that she thinks she's smart enough and observant enough to know what's going on around her.

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