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Ignorance is the only option, Part Eleven: Lizardbreath can't deal with you.

As I said yesterday, Liz isn't any more aware that her self-image clashes messily with the reality of who she is than the other solipistic weirdos in her family. Just as she thinks she's a courageous, take charge personality when she can be more readily likened to a plastic bag drifting on the wind, she thinks she's a far more sensitive and empathetic person than she is. We see this in her constant attempts to shut down April when she makes annoying picky-face noise about concerns that don't concern The Great White Goof like being overcrowded or rewarding a thief because stealing a useless material object that, since it meant nothing to her could obviously mean nothing to anyone else, flattered her.

This seems to me to be the end result of her being an expression of an odd belief her creator seems to have that serves to make a hot mess of the characters' lives. The zero-sum bullshit that has a Patterson believe "If this odd person is allowed to have feelings that matter, my feelings and hopes and dreams can never be addressed ever" not only makes Liz into an insensitive oaf of a sister, it makes her a shitty girlfriend because, as Paul once said, she never seems to bother listening to the nonsense coming out of her mouth. If she did listen to her justification for 'being there' for Anthony in his 'time of need', she'd have to face the fact that she looked like the opportunistic jerk Therese thinks she is and the sort of protective stupidity she has that blinds her to when she looks like a jerk stopped up her ears as well.
Tags: thou shalt not know

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