dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Deanna's plans for the Pattermanse: a reappraisal....

It would seem obvious to a disinterested observer such as myself that now that Michael and Deanna live in a larger space it might be time to give Robin and Meredith separate bedrooms given that they have four instead of two. As trumanf said, they don't need a sewing room or a study for the Noble Scribe right now nor, since no one comes over to stay, do they need a guest bedroom. It seems to me that they're confusing what Deanna wants with what they need. She's always impressed me as putting what she wants ahead of other people. After all, someone who actually cared for the opinion of thers would not have let her mother believe that she was simply cohabiting with Michael as a way of getting back at her for making her take ballet lessons. Nor would she behave as if April were simply a resource to be exploited or her children were little dummies that she could put up on a shelf when she was bored. There's something in her that cares more about how things look than how people feel. But since she says things the Patterclan wants to hear, she gets a free pass because they think she's a victim.
Tags: fifties icon deanna

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