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Ignorance is the only option, Part Zero: On paperboys and longing.

The interesting thing about next years's sequence in which Elly finally gets her head out of her ass and notices that Martha exists and likes Michael is that she immediately launches into a boring story about how she made a fool of herself throwing herself at a boy she stood no chance with. The unsubtle implication is that since someone she liked turned out to be a jerk who humiliated her, Martha was also just there to string Mike along and laugh at him. This, along with her fear that Mike would humiliate her by getting some girl pregnant and thus ruining her alleged status, is why she moved Heaven and Earth to break them up. If she couldn't have the boy she wanted, this girl Martha would have to get lost.

The reason that I mention this is that it seems to me that Elly hasn't yet managed to figure out that most of the reason why she's reported as being an unhappy wallflower whose first actual boyfriend happened to be John is that it's highly likely that she was unable to tell the crush her own "Anthony" had on her from the common cold. As I've said before, it seems likely that the last thing she'll think before she passes away is something along the lines of "Funny. When I look back at my life, it seemed almost as if that one boy (God, what was his NAME?) really liked me....but I'm sure I just imagin--" before faceplanting dead in her Cheapie Weenie Casserole. After all, all of her kids take after her in a lot of ways and it's likely that not knowing a diamond when she holds it in her hand is one of them.
Tags: thou shalt not know

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