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The Look-away Effect.

To continue on from my last post, it's fairly obvious as to why Elly might not want to speculate as to whether someone who really did seem to be interested in her back in High School actually was. First off, she'd rather not have to admit that perhaps her mother (who was old and thus had forgotten what it was like to be young and thus was nothing BUT a source of terrible advice) was right about the less spectacular looking guy being Mister Right after all. Spouting off about how an unambitious slug like Anthony was going to be a world beater is for her, not for her mom.

The second reason is that she'd rather not have to speculate on what her life would have been like with this proto-Anthony. It would be destructive to her self-concept were she to admit that she moved away from home to pretty much marry a near-duplicate of her mom's choice in son-in-law anyway. Given her limitations and the social expectations of a regular dumb guy who came up in the fifties, I'm pretty certain that if she'd stayed in the Vancouver area, she'd be living the life she does now. She'd have a different last name, the children she made into adversaries would look slightly different but the fact of the matter is that she was never really going to escape her destiny as a frustrated mess who blames other people for her lack of brains, guts and stamina. She can't admit to that without realizing that she's to blame for her messed-up life so she doesn't want to look at the problem.
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