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Scary Monsters And Super-Creeps: Why Liz Expects To Get Spanked.

The odd thing about the arc currently being run is that Liz is scrambling to come up with a plausible lie to deflect blame for accidentally busting up the carton of milk she was sent to get because she expected something she probably shouldn't have and thought that she was going to get spanked until her ass cheeks glowed in the dark. It's a reasonable enough assumption to make because she's got eyes and a memory and has observed that Elly is a crazy monster who runs the family by yelling and violence. John cannot make his witty asides without having a coffee mug winged at the back of his head, Mike cannot harsh Elly's mellow without getting swatted and Farley's backside has been kicked by an angry idiot who should look where she's going with her too much laundry more times than I care to count. Liz assumes that she's gonna get her melon busted for disrespecting Elly too because she doesn't notice that what they all have in common is that they're male and thus can 'take' physical aggression. Elly simply cannot bring herself to spank Liz and instead opts for making her feel like she's a dried out piece of shit on a forgotten country road.

The problem I have with this is that Elly isn't willing to flat out say this because she has it in her head that she isn't playing favourites or applying double standards of behaviour because she doesn't wanna be her mother. This makes her make pious noise about how along with being loving, fair, firm, kind and understanding, she also treats her children equally. This makes her not only a horror monster that Liz is scared of, it makes her a lying sack of garbage that her daughter dare not confide in.
Tags: elly versus the truth

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