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The anniversary arc and its discontents.

What a lot of people might now know is that we're in for a very subtle nod to the fact that the strip was about to reach its ten-year mark fairly soon. Said nod seems to have taken the form of Elly looking through a photo album and telling Elizabeth about the first few years of her life. In doing so, Lynn seems to have accidentally pointed out something she appears to have missed: why it was that Mike tended to act as if Liz had made the scene on purpose to ruin his life. We start things off with Elly making much the same stupid mistake she did when she was expecting April: talking about the baby to exclusion of all else because she failed to understand things from Mike's perspective. While John would try to fix things with Liz by having a Liz Patterson Day to let her know that when the new baby came along, it didn't mean that they forgot the old one, we're left with the impression that no such step was taken with Mike because he's a boy and thus doesn't have feelings that can be hurt.

It was also not supposed to hurt him or make him resent Liz that everyone ever cooed over Liz and said how lucky they were to have a girl that was such a delight to raise when compared to him. It's not Elizabeth's fault that he was a howling, demanding pain in the ass to raise but he doesn't know that because he doesn't remember anything much before he was told that he had to leave his first home and live in the country because of the baby. We also get a big whiff of Elly and her non-stop gender profiling and its side effect of making Mike yearn for a boy he could play with without Mommy barging on in and howling about being too rough and letting her win because she's a little girl and has to be coddled all the time. We might get a sappy coda but as we transition to "John and Elly run around screaming because Mike is thirteen now and therefore an out of control juvenile delinquent who wants to ruin the family", it tends to explain why what he really resents is being treated like shit for having a penis.
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