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The lecture with the hug: what I think John and Elly are saying.

The interesting thing about the current arc is that during the discussion of same, I'd reminded myself of the mess Elly made of dealing with the Jeremy Jones situation. When she wasn't dismissively stating that April was either exaggerating the problem or not handling it the right way, the dumbass was telling her daughter that she was an extra-bad person for wanting to spurn a screwed-up little turd that should have been avoided. The reason that I mention this is that while John told April that he couldn't help her with the boy or her mother, he at least understood the situation better than his wife did.

The reason that I mention this is that we can use this to fill in the dialogue balloons for Wednesday's strip. While it's obvious that John is greedy, selfish, immature and cowardly and has it in his head that his children are freeloading off of him because he really wasn't the husband or father kind, he's otherwise relatively sane. This means that his lecture is going to be about how if Liz is trusted with a chore, she owes it to her parents to keep her head in the game and look where she's going....and also to 'think about how her mother will react.'

That last is a coded message Liz never understands because she's sort of literal-minded and would have to be told that she knows better than to think that Elly is an especially nice or forgiving or sane person. Elly proves it by getting into a blind rage and probably yelling about deceitful monster children who lie about thieves, lie about things being accidents, lie about being sad or sorry and lie most of all about their mother being an angry jerk who can't get along with her kids. One would be forgiven for thinking that Elly is a female version of Robin from Teen Titans Go! because she has all of his attributes: she's paranoid, crazy, obsessive, controlling and a perfectionist and she rules by yelling and violence.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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