dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On how self-deception derailed Elly's happy ending train.

As we're about to find out in a couple of years, what most annoys Elly is that for some reason that eludes her, her children just don't seem to trust her. She has no idea why Mike kept his on-and-mostly-off dalliance with Martha a secret for years, she doesn't like knowing that instead of coming to her with her problems, Liz went to that teacher and she doesn't know why April said something about how she just knew that she'd be accused of exaggerating or distorting what Kortney said when she'd threatened her with bodily harm for exposing her theft.

While Elly would go on to ascribe the problem to her not having the time to talk to the children, what we know and what she lacks the courage to face is that she could have all the time in the world and they simply wouldn't approach her because they know what to expect. What they know to expect is either an angry lecture when something 'wrong' is said or to be disbelieved as a matter of principle. Elly isn't willing to admit that she gets angry too easily, is too stubborn to listen to the facts and, above all, is so in love with the idea of her children being adversaries to fight that she would sooner disembowl herself with a melon baller than think that they're telling the truth. Since she thinks she's a better parent than she is, she can't understand their rejection of the jerk she is.
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent

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