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The perception perplex and the hose-a-phonium.

As I've said in the past, April and Michael are a damned sight alike in that they blame someone cuter for all the problems in their lives. From the moment April laid eyes on Becky, she assumed sight unseen that this prettier girl would take all she had because she could and that's just what they do anyway. The reason, of course, is that she's as insecure deep down as Michael and assumes that everyone she meets wants to tell her to sit down, shut up and let other people decide how she thinks and feels. We first saw signs of this during a Christmas pageant when she was about five or so when she got her nose out of joint because Becky got the part she wanted. Elly actually looked her in the eyes and tried explaining that part of life is dealing with disappointment but the child was not having it.

This is because she doesn't see what we do when she's told that Becky is a lonely little girl desperate for attention. She sees herself as being told that she's just this stupid little zero whose opinion doesn't matter and never will and that the people she's angry with get to take all she has and she's just supposed to hand it all over because people are right and smart and good to want her to just sit in a corner somewhere as they flee from her in loathing. Simply put, it's not the Maguire family politics that should be worried about when talking about why Becky's life is shitty. She'd have a confidant if Elly and John were better and more attentive parents.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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