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Elly versus admitting that she's admired and respected.

The interesting thing about the upcoming arc is not that Michael is too stupid to realize that the only reason people might give him a hard time about Elly's past career as "off-key warbler boring coffee shop patrons with incoherent messages of peace" is that he's going to race around yelling about it. Having him not realize that what they're really mocking is the importance he attaches to something that his frienemies don't care about is as nothing next to another reminder that Elly isn't exactly what you'd call enthusiastic about living in a world wherein her parents lectured Phil about how he should grow up, smarten up, buckle down and settle down like she did because at least she is doing something with her life and meant it.

This, as I've said before, is because we're dealing with a melodramatic nutloaf with a taste for self-dramatization and the narcissist's need to believe that she's the victim of all victims surpassing all others. She wants to think that Phil could do no wrong growing up while she was an oppressed slave in her own home and no one ever appreciated her or liked her and so on and so forth because, like the cowbirds from Pogo, she's happiest when she's completely miserable. If Phil were thought of as a feckless goof drifting through life, that would make her the favourite and she can't deal with that. It'd ruin her self-concept to know that she's appreciated for who and what she is so she just refuses to see it.
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