dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the unfairness of setting a good example.

In about two months from now, we're about to watch Elly get on her high horse about something that's suddenly become a problem: her children using profanity where she can hear it. As we know, she blames television for this trend and turns the positive and useful pastime of reading for pleasure into another arbitrary punishment to be feared, hated and avoided. What most people fail to pick up on because they're invited to sneer at children who want a punishment-free punishment is that Elly is at pains to avoid having to hear the following cruel, mean, hateful and no good words from her horrid, out-of-control children:

"Well, gee, Mom.....if you didn't want us to use that kind of language, you shouldn't use it so much yourself!!!"

This is, as I've said before, because Elly doesn't like it much when her bad behaviour actually matters. What appears to be going on is that she's too blasted stupid to admit that setting one rule for herself and one for her kids makes them think (and rightly so, I might add)that they're being punished for being young. This just makes them want to use fouler language and eat in an even messier manner than they do now. The problem is that she'd rather not be thought of as being to blame because she hates bad attention so they get busted and they're told that something or someone who ain't her is why they're bad.
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