dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

She tries to love her life: Liz ten years on....

Of course, denial isn't just for a morbid shnook who don't want to wake up and smell the coffee as regards the geyser of carbolic acid he really married. I know that the only reason Anthony isn't the failed serial adulterer of the Foobiverse community's dreams is that he's so afraid of being wrong that he willed himself to believe that Liz is what he wants her to be because that's more or less who John is. What this clearly means is that Liz is a whole hell of a lot like the mother who, having looked back on Trash Bag Johnny's lifetime of being an acluistic goober who will probably die never having actually met the woman he married, describes the lout as her best friend ever.

What this means is that rather than admit that she fucked up big time by trying to impress parents who'll always be more focused on the sibling who can manufacture more children actually named Patterson, she's probably going to convince herself that Elly's bullshit story about how the ungainly nerd she wanted Liz to marry would become a world beater despite that simply being a lie Hollywood told us is the truth instead of the codswallop some nebbishy hack consoles himself with when looking back at being an AV geek. Every tiny victory he has and hand-out he's awarded out of charity (and also Gordon's fear that the Pattersons will sue his ass) will be seen as a sign of Assthony's genius. Anything to avoid admitting to having bitched up her life looking for a hug from Mommy.....
Tags: liz on a different cross

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