dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Hairstyles and why Lynn thinks they matter.

 As we know, Elly spent most of the strip's run with her hair styled in the same dowdy style she wore it in back when she pretended to be an out-of-control hippie chick in order to freak Marian the Hell out to punish her for giving a shit. This is because she's the creation of a woman who knows her limitations. Lynn seems to know that if she tried to draw Elly with a different hairstyle, she might forgot how her face is shaped and, say, make her nose go all bulbous.

It seems to me that she's right to have feared doing so because when Elly traded in her old dowdy look for that even dowdier horse-bun, she ended up looking like John in drag. Someone used to have an animated avatar that had April tell John to stop morphing into Elly because of this weakness in Lynn's technique. It's also why when Mike started to comb gel into his scalp, he stopped looking like Evil Linus and started looking like the Delicate Genius. 
Tags: freefloating commentary

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