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Hello, Stranger: Elly's fear of changing her style.

What Lynn seems to have not actually noticed in her quest to pretend that she's writing a sitcom or graphic novel or what-have-you is that in the real world, having someone wear her hair in the same style and dress much the same as she did for years at a time indicates that this person is really afraid of change. I've already told you about how she seems convinced that in the past, she wasn't anxious about the ever-advancing years and how that's a lie because as soon as she got married and became Mrs Someone, she started talking about having one foot in the grave. What I'd like to talk to you about now is how she invested her identity in a particular look despite that being irrational and silly.

I ascribe this to Elly's deep-seated need to be thought of as someone that can and should be taken seriously. Her whole entire life seems to be a quest to get everyone in sight to agree that she's the bedrock on which society rests so it's likely that her dowdy hairstyle and dowdy clothing are a reflection of her subconscious need to look like a reliable person. Wearing more stylish clothes and a more flattering haircut might tend to make her look like a forward moron instead of a sensible smart person so she's always going to feel like an idiot going to a salon to get her hair in a style that makes her look nicer. The problem is that clothes don't actually make the woman after all. A shrieking maniac bellowing about injustice is going to be a shrieking maniac no matter what she's got on so so much for her being thought of as sensible. She's just the dowdiest volatile lunatic on the block.
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