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Why Elly doesn't wonder why kids are insecure.

The interesting thing about Elly's panicky hollering about how having an ineptly-executed perm makes her see a vaguely menacing stranger in the mirror is that she forgets once again that her children remember things. I've always thought that a lot of Elly's problems with them would go away were she to admit that despite what she believes, not everything she says goes in one ear and out the other. (As by way of example, her failed attempt to explain why she didn't wanna take April on that boat trip is THE contributing factor to Farleygate.)

What she doesn't want to remember is that not too long ago, she was trying to convince Elizabeth that she wasn't some hideous horror freak with her too turned-up nose. When the Breath saw Mommy angsting about her own looks, she did something bad and wrong and inconvenient and thought-bubble that if the same person who tells her that looks are no big deal makes a huge deal out of a change to her own appearance, not only is she a hypocrite, she's more or less teaching her kids to be ashamed of their looks.

This is, of course, something Elly cannot admit to. Just as she makes wistful noise about how, for some saddening reason that isn't her deliberately misinterpreting Elizabeth's instinctive reaction to flee from a menacing phenomenon called "Elly on the warpath over less than nothing again" with "being a deceitful little imp", Lizzie is closer to the parent who isn't screaming about martyrdom, Flapandhonk is averse to admitting that her kids pick up her negative habits too.
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