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The wish for amnesia and the yearning for instant maturity

The interesting thing about my last post is that fairest1 made a really good point: Elly doesn't want her children to remember all the bad shit she does to them. If she loses her temper, if she bellows about piddly-crap that doesn't matter, if she threatens them with physical harm, if she hauls off and smacks them, if she tells them that she was happier without kids ruining her life, they're just all supposed to forget every bit of it and focus on the good times. Being called an angry woman who loves to lecture and hates to forgive hurts her poor, tender feelings because she wants to have an unearned reputation as a loving, forgiving and kindly mother instead of the angry, narrow-minded rock colossus of self-righteousness she actually is. This makes of her a woman stupid enough to walk around carrying a branch in her arms so she can yell at you for not agreeing that she is, in fact, a mighty oak tree.

It's sort of how her fellow mighty oak tree Val Stone has spent entirely too long transfixed by the following example of non-logic:

  1. I, a forty year old woman, have gone through all of the personal problems my thirteen year old child is currently having.
  2. I, a forty year old woman, remember said problems and realize now how silly and meaningless they turned out to be.
  3. My thirteen year old child has not undergone these crises and still thinks that they're the end of the world because she's still thirteen.
  4. She is thus being needlessly melodramatic because she's not talking and thinking like a jaded middle-aged woman instead of the child she is.

You would have to be rather stupid and arrogant to think being told to 'walk it off' is helpful and ensures an atmosphere of trust. You would have to be stupid to begrudge the child a sympathetic ear that isn't so much Ultra Magnus going "I can't deal with you" all the fucking time. This is, I think, why Valerie likes having the kids at home under the supervision of people she trusts: they might allow the child to think that her opinion matters and that would be terrible. Why, Valerie would actually have to let her kid make her own mistakes instead of trying to save her from having a childhood and that would be awful.
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent, stone soup

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