dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Val's fear of luxury.

If things go on like they've been going, we're going to see a pitched battle in the world of Stone Soup again when summer vacation rolls around. This is because Val combines Andy Fox's need to 'better' her children by force (and thus be praised by her mother for her diligence) with Elly Patterson's need to isolate children from dreadful outside influences that tell children the evil lie that their feelings are real and matter by taking them to Camp Middleofnowhere so that they can be cut off from plumbing and the internet and all other things that are good for her 'spoiled' children and will make them 'wonderful.'

This is because of her recent marriage to Phil the motorcycle cop. He doesn't see the point of driving hundreds of miles to be uncomfortable on purpose because he has yet to be bludgeoned into compliance with Valerie's wonderful philosophy of aggression and self-righteousness. What escapes the daffy moron thinking that it is good and wonderful and loving of her to steamroll over her daughters in the name of saving them from having childhoods is that if her first husband hadn't died when Alix was three or so, he'd also object vociferously to "Let's trick the kids into being great" because he probably wasn't a crazy imbecile boomer thinking that the worst thing in the world is a child with a mind of her own.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, valerie warzone

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