dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

TV or not TV: Elly's perm from Hell.

Now, to get back to the world of the Pattersons, it would appear that yet again, Lynn is using network television as her unacknowledged and not as suck acknowledgeable muse. From what she's said in the past, it's pretty much a dead certainty that she sincerely believes that it would be, at best, embarrassing and at worst fatal to her image if she were to publicly admit that most arcs have as their origin her watching an episode of a favourite show and telling herself "I can do that too!" because she'd rather not be known as the Super-Adaptoid Of Corbeil.

What we're looking at now is Wacky Sitcom Plot Number Eleven-A: "the female lead gets an unflattering hairdo." What happens is that Mom goes to the salon and the new girl there makes a dog's breakfast of the seemingly simple task of styling her hair and what happens after is everyone's wacky reaction to said clusterfuck hairstyle. Why, it even ends with John delivering a sitcom punchline about love not only being blind but smart enough to shut its mouth. Since Lynn doesn't think she can survive saying "I love this sort of episode and wanted to try my hand....how'm I doing?", we get an unsettling silence that speaks volumes.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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