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The "Everyone's having fun but MEEE!!!!!" perplex and Mike's party....

The other odd thing about the birthday party arc is not only does it herald in two decades of Elly sweating rivets because her kids are teenagers, it's the first appearance of her inability to ,as she puts it, "trust situations". This is because no sooner did Mike float the idea of inviting girls to his party than did Mommy get her bowels in an uproar about the possibility of people using her rec room for hanky-panky. While Gerald, a liquor bottle and a bored April would go on to lend substance to her paranoia, we spent entirely too much time watching her or a proxy barge in and prevent coitus from ensuing.

The reason why is sadly typical. The passage in "The Lives Behind The Lines" that alludes to how John was the first person she'd actually dated more than once makes unsubtle reference to promised phone calls that led to nothing but disappointment and tear-stained pillows. While I have thoughts on why (veteran + "no good punk not nearly good enough for MY angel" + "subtle threat of bloodcurdling mayhem" = "smug grin on his face" and "disappointed daughter") Elly Richards' dance card was so consistently empty but the plain fact is that the same idiot who lived vicariously through lonely, unhappy Connie seems to be preoccupied by premarital pairing off owing to lack of occupation with male contemporaries. Simply put, if she hadn't piously stated that she only imagined that her own personal Anthony was mad for her, she'd be less fixated on a make-believe calamity.
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