dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly: the inept disciplinarian.

Now that we must face a week of Mike whining about how Liz always got him into trouble, let's examine how it was that he was allowed to think that he was the victim of a feminine plot. I've alreadt examined his internalizing of John's fear of the changing world so that chauvinism was second nature, how he allowed himself the luxury of thinking that Elly's hormones inpsired all the screaming and threats of punishment. What we do not see and will not see this week is her tendency to squeamishness. Just like John was allowed to be a macho bonehead for years because she caved in owing to her lack of courage, she always held back on her threats, never quite went through with things. She, by not doing exactly what she threatened, failed to gain her son's respect. Elly also tried to keep John from making his punishments stick. The conclusion that the little creep's muddled brain formed was that tormenting Liz was only wrong because she made noise. Since he never really got shown how bad he was, never had to deal with real blow-back from someone angry enough at him to force him to admit error, he still thinks that she's fair game for insults. As big a jerk as he is, he wasn't born that way: a mother with some firmness in her would have made sure to see that he grew a conscience.
Tags: child rearing disasters, mikerobe: the universal infant, sheet shaver

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