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Learn From Feral Cats.

One of the more annoying habits Lynn has is telling people that the characters spoke to her and she but repeated what they said to her in order to cover for her love of just making things up as she wished without regard for the continuity that got in the way of just pulling things out of her ass as she pleased. What she loses sight of is that just maybe, they ain't being straight with her. The case in point that comes readiest to mind is dealing with Fiona Brass's cat Beaumont. When one contrasts the story in her bio:

That same year, Beaumont went out one warm summer evening and vanished. She spent more time and grief looking for the cat than she did for her vanished lover, but never found any sign of either of them. After six months, she held a little private memorial for Beaumont. The miniature headstone she bought for him still sits in a place of honour in her living room.

with the snotty comment in The Lives Behind The Lines that had the editorial voice (said voice wearing its hair in an unflattering bun meant to compensate for a fictitious flaw after years of wearing it in an equally unflattering ponytail to really sell the dowdy librarian look it rocks) about how the cat couldn't stand Fiona either, you get the impression that just maybe, we're not seeing what's actually happening, people aren't saying what we see them say and thinking what they're reported as thinking. Maybe we're simply dealing with Elly's self-serving interpretation of events leavened by the occasional (and accidental) streak of accuracy.

If so, the question that arises from her being an unreliable narrator is trying to piece together what was actually happening and what people really thought about it. The rule of thumb that comes readiest to mind is "If it makes Elly look sympathetic, it probably didn't happen."
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