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A, My Name is Allyson.

To continue merrily on with our look at Gordon's one-sided infatuation with a girl who he only considers worth dating because she's the stuff wet dreams are made of,I think it behooves us to remember that she's the first in a long line of female characters who were created for the specific purpose of showing us what Lynn thinks a girl shouldn't be. The reason that I think this is the case is that her last name (Creemore) is a mildly vulgar joke that hints broadly that all she has to offer the Gordos of the world is dangerous body language and not Tracey's friendship and also wide, child-bearing hips.

This need of Lynn's to get her own back against the popular girls by casting them all as flighty and cruel and not willing to give the Gordons of the world the chance they 'magically' deserve because they're somehow entitled to have whoever strikes their fancy takes the form of the pretty girl committing the atrocity of pursuing a handsome, popular and respected athlete instead of being good and nice and totally insane and falling hard for a shlumpy, homely non-entity who majors in being a pea-brained hick. Since Allyson acts like a real person instead of a fantasy figure meant to delude the real Gordons into thinking that reality is optional, she's the Becky of her decade. Since Lynn is a peevish jerk, it's clear that the Allyson of today lives a wind-blown and unhappy life as a society matron being made a well-payed fool of by her philandering rat husband when she could have been Rosie Cotton to Gordon's Samwise Gamgee.
Tags: land of the forgotten

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