dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Stone Isolation Perplex.

Another irritating commonality that Stone Soup and FBorFW share is that there aren't nearly enough characters. We have Valerie, we have her new husband Phil the motorcycle cop, we have her daughters Monster Teenager Who Is Sat On Because She Reminds Val Of Who She Used To Be (Holly) and Favourite Who Reminds Her Of Her First Huaband So She Gets Away With Murder (Alix), we have her dozy kid sister Joan, her second husband Wally, Wally's nephew Andy, Joan's son from her first husband Max, Joan's daughter with Wally, Lucy, Val and Joan's mother, Evie The Voluntourist and her enabler Arnold and also the cartoon dog Biscuit.

What we don't see in all of that is any sort of friend or hobby for Holly or Alix that might lead them outside the home. Most, if not all kids their age have a pal they can share things with or a place they can go when it gets to be too much at home. Not Holly. Not Alix. What Eliot forgets or ignores in her haste to pare down the cast is that it makes Val look as if she can't or won't trust her daughters and doesn't want someone trying to 'undermine' Valerie's authority by offering a perspective that isn't "You'll thank me later for all the shit I pull now when you don't go through the horrible things I did because I'm stupid enough to think that if I prevent you from having character-building failures in your future, you can actually function in society because I'm the sort of dope who could carry a branch in her arms and try to argue people into agreeing that I'm a mighty oak tree."
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, valerie warzone

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