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Help and when it is and isn't needed.

What Valerie tends not to want to admit is that perhaps the people who want her to give up on Holly and let her live a life that's less than she deserves are actually right to assume that no, there is no fucking apocalypse and no, Holly won't live a miserable life of failure and loneliness if she has a social life and a childhood. This would mean noting that while a love of solving problems is a great thing, we have to ask two questions that P J O'Rourke once noticed seemed to be rather important:

  1. Is what you're agitated about actually a problem?
  2. If so, is the solution actually the right one?

In this instance, I don't really think that having Holly make her own mistakes is a problem because I know that handing her the answers just ain't going to work. She's a kid and she's just going to make a hash out of whatever Val says anyway so it's sort of futile to try to talk her into thinking and acting like a jaded forty year old yapping about kids these days. The problem is that Val don't want to hear that any more than she wanted to hear that most people didn't think that Ya-Ya Sisterhood helped women much.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, valerie warzone

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