dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The profanity perplex reconsidered in the light of Effie Trembelchin

As you know, I once compared Elly to the mother on the legacy comic "Little Iodine" in that both women are transfixed by the need to be taken seriously by Women Who Matter so that they too may become Forces To Be Reckoned With. Much as her father took shit from his boss all the damned day long only to let the stored-up rage explode all over his clueless and incompetent idiot child, Mrs Tremblechin's craven deference to hollow snobs who, for all the good they did society, might as well have been consigned to a rendering plant to be converted to something of use to humanity turned into blind rage when her dunce of a child fucked up yet again.

The reason that I mention this is that Elly is about to march in the older, deader moron parent's stupid footsteps when she declares that unlike other, lesser mothers, she cares enough to blame a fall-guy for her own carelessness as regards how the kids speak and is loving enough to turn a positive thing like reading for pleasure into a cruel punishment her children are at pains to avoid because she has the stupid delusion that people expect things of her. Most people see her as the spoiled brat who, upon being told not to force a frightened child to be part of something that was out of her comfort zone, glared angrily at the 'monster' who wouldn't let her show that yessir, she can strong-arm her kid into doing something she hates and she should thus be taken seriously. She's also seen as the fragile moron who tosses her kids out to hang around for all hours because she has issues with focus in that she cannot. The only thing they expect of her is to not let them wander into traffic or fall into streams and she cannot even manage that so thinking that they think less of her because her kids swear means something not supported by evidence: that they think of her at all.
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