dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On being dull with an A and a T at the end.

As you might recall, one of the "Calvin and Hobbes" collections started with him talking about his parents MUST be evil aliens plotting to take away his childhood and turn him into the same sort boring, unhappy drones who think that suffering actually builds character instead of curdling it like it does in real life that they are. This is because he looks at his parents and sees people who appear to have been born without the ability to enjoy life because as a hyperactive and daydreaming six year old who just might have Asperger's, he doesn't realize what a pain in the ass he is to raise.

The reason that I mention him is that Mike is a dumber, less imaginative and more stolid version of Calvin in that he doesn't understand that Elly is convinced that if the kids ever see her smile or laugh or enjoy anything, they'll never take her word seriously ever again. To be taken seriously, she thinks, means being needlessly grave and fretful all the time because she didn't know what it was like for Marian to raise a pain in the ass like her until she had a theatrical and rock stupid irritant of her own to raise. It ain't easy being a clown when you gotta run the circus so she don't smile no more. Also, she likes the idea of the world being a far worse place than it actually is because it makes her feel more important.
Tags: elly versus mike, freefloating commentary

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