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On Phil, "fairness" and foul language......

It occurs to me that howtheduck is on to something when he suggests that the real reason that Michael is being punished for swearing is that he is somehow magically corrupting Elizabeth. While Liz has always lived in fear of Elly's palm interfacing with her rump because if she spanks Michael for driving her up the wall, it makes sense that if she herself were to get Elly angry enough, she too would get spanked, this is not the case. Elly doesn't like the idea of offering 'innocent' children like Liz violence and, as we'll see, cares far more about Liz's opinion than she ever did any child with dark hair.

This, I think, is because Elly never managed to quite get over her childhood and how Phil won all the time and she was just his maidservant and so on and so forth through all the comfy lies she tells herself about how he got handed everything on a tray because he's a dude and she was cruelly mistreated and so on and so forth. I should think that she'll die ignorant of the fact that most people are of course going to like a happy-go-lucky hedonist who gives his parents the right kind of trouble to a tetchy, short-tempered ignoramus screaming like a banshee about how the world is a horrible place because other people get to enjoy things she cannot and how unfair that is.

What this means for Mike in the here and how is the same thing it was supposed to mean for Phil back in the day because of Elly's weird, stupid and punitive idea of fairness. Just as Elly never wanted all the privileges Phil had but instead wanted all of his privileges taken away because she couldn't have them, Mike is supposed to suffer cruelly because his mother never got over the idea that he is so supposed to simply stop wanting to be noticed now that a child who reminds her of the self she wants to be thought of is in view.
Tags: elly versus mike, elly versus phil, phil: bee and bop king

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