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On stopped clocks and vidiocy....

The interesting thing about Elly's punishment is that once again, she might be right to do something for the wrong reason. The reason she's inflicting a ban on television is that she sees it as a corrupting influence that, if not stopped, will lead to the sort of super-crazy no-way fake impossible Armageddon that dropping trumpet lessons, going to video arcades or dressing as Adam Ant for Halloween were supposed to lead the kiddies. Since Lynn created the strip for people like herself (out of touch, ignorant and fearful people who don't like, believe or trust their children that anyone could notice), Elly sincerely believed that she was saving him from perdition because only things from outside could possibly hurt the family and no, it's not fair or right to call her out on using language that would make a stevedore faint in front of them because things that might make her look bad can't count, MOTHER!!!!!

What she doesn't quite get is that it might be good to get him away from the television for another reason. As I've said before every time I allude to his passive box-watching, Mike is a pliable and gullible dolt who trusts and believes people who don't yell at him or make him feel weak and stupid and bad. Television never tells him that he's wrong or dumb or useless and it always gives him the approval Elly withholds. This is dangerous because the box is the ultimate saboteur friend pretending to be his pal to get something out of him: money in exchange for thinking that life is like what he sees on the tube. Since he's a clod, he stands there all gutted looking when life turns out to be like life and not like what some drone scriptwriter says it is.
Tags: cathode ray poisoning.

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