dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Unreliable Narrator Syndrome and the profanity arc.

As we know, an upcoming strip has Mike declare his intention to evade Elly's insane overreaction punishment by going to Gordon's place and maybe scoring a beer or something like that. My personal opinion is that we're dealing with another example of overreach because Elly would be just as outraged by his reminding her that her ban on television doesn't have any force outside the Pattermanse and he can just as easily watch television over there. This would be because she didn't realize until he said it that her word isn't law in someone else's house and that yet again, she failed to realize that what's obvious to her ain't obvious to him so, yeah, she should have said "You can't watch other people's TVs either."

This is why I think that she did the same blasted thing she does when she reports children as wanting junk food and sugar cereal. Jan Eliot might be honest enough about things to admit that Val wants to hear terms like that because she thinks that people are trying to ruin her by not letting her turn her children into horror monsters from Chicomm propaganda campaigns but Lynn/Elly aren't. The same woman who depicted a video arcade she never saw as a seedy dive might just have put words in her boy's mouth to sell things to her credulous ass husband....which was also unnecessary because the idea of a child with free will is in and of itself enough to bring out the raging, punitive ass in the cowardly goon.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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