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The photo album and the core problem.

The interesting thing about this June is that Lynn appears to have created a sort of capsule version of the first few years of the strip for the express purpose of appearing in the tenth anniversary collection. The form it takes is Elly sitting with Liz and Mike telling them the about the Lizzie era. What Lynn tends to not notice during this is the same thing that Elly herself doesn't notice: her insistence on assuming that Mike will simply get over feeling left out because they don't actually have to reassure him that he's not being tossed aside for the new baby. He should know things he's not told and they shouldn't have to tell him things he already knows and besides, he's only five so what harm could result from being overly effusive about the cute little doll baby we're so lucky to have?

It seems to me that a man in his mid thirties whining to his wife that he had to be a massive weeping dick to his kid sister because she was cuter than he was ain't quite over having them fuss over her while telling him "suck it up and let the cute girl win or I can't like you" but you can't tell Elly that. She might have to look back at her life and say the five words that she hates to say ("Yeah...I fucked that up!!!") because they lead to her having to lower herself and become a defeated person by admitting error and asking for forgiveness.
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent, elly versus mike

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