dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The duel of the morons: the real message of the television ban.

As most of us would agree, to have Mike casually admit to the persistent unauthorized consumption of someone else's beer is a far worse problem than 'corrupting' Liz by making her use bad language and would no doubt result in a far sterner penalty than whatever Elly thinks she's doing by keeping him from watching reruns. Unfortunately for all concerned, Elly's teeny-weeny, itty-bitty little baby brain tends to seize up and go into vapor lock when confronted with genuine problems because they're too damned big to process. She's too dumb to admit to playing favourites and yeah, she probably thought that Mike was 'really' planning to watch television and thus had to play catchup years later when she started doing the Breathalyzer kiss thing.

Even more unfortunately, she's dealing with a fellow mental pygmy in Michael. We start off with his not being aware of the fact that Mom is of course going to get angry if her favourite child is heard to swear. He can also stand in front of bookshelves loaded with stuff he could read and declare that the place is a cultural Gobi desert because that would involve opening his damned eyes instead of walking around in the same stupor Elly does and he's big enough a nitwit to miss out on what the point of punishment means.

This cycle of one dumbass trying to modify how an equally stupid dope acts pretty much ensures a cycle of failure in which she gets angrier and he bleats more idiotically about persecution. Good thing for her that the only person willing to put up with his shit thinks the world of her. To keep from having to live on his own, Mikey Girl does his damnedest to curry favor with his idiot mother.
Tags: elly versus mike

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