dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The house with the nice face: Phil's endgame reconsidered.

As you no doubt remember, one of the 'surprises' that are being hidden by the six month ahead blackout in the catalog right now is the fact that Georgia got sick and tired of living Phil's 'simple' life because she's at the stage in her life that requires that he put aside all the shit he collected over the years and started acting like someone not a hindrance to busy women. This, of course, comes with the penalty of the goofball getting all mournful about how he's going to seed because he's getting a house and thus being rooted to the Earth like someone actually worth taking seriously.

It so happens that instead of the expected "Phil having it all and thus ensuring Elly's long-overdue triumph over him", we instead are left dealing with the same sort of situation Anne is in right now. Since Connie has become another married friend with kids that drive her bonko, Annie is totally irrelevant and has to go. So it is with Phil because with teenaged kids to drive her crazy, Elly doesn't need to fret about how Phil will 'disgrace' the family because he's been taken in hand by a stern minder.
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