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On reacting to a number and not to actual behaviour.

The very odd thing about Mike's entry into the teenaged years is that the older he gets, the more docile he becomes. When you contrast the violent hellion of the Early Years with the boorish couch potato telling himself that Martha sure will be sorry that she put some space between her and a pliable dolt who doesn't realize that Elly threw a monkey wrench in their relationship out of jealousy she won't admit to, you'd wonder why his parents were screeching about his bad attitude.

This is because the older he got and the tamer he got, the less tolerant they became. It's damned hard to relate to John and Elly as parents to teenagers because they seem almost twitchingly eager to misinterpret every little thing he and all other teenagers in the worst possible light. It's as if they want to live in a world that's worse than it actually is and twist the facts so that despite not actually conforming to a punitive stereotype, Mike, Liz and April actually are the monsters Social Message Films such as "Rock and Roll: Kremlin Plot" depict them as being in order to make sense of the world because that beats taking the time to get to know them.

What also may be happening is that they exaggerate how wild they were as children and, having witnessed their own kids being the bland non-entities they were as kids, wish to suppress horrific excesses like wondering what the big deal about opposite side of the street parking is.
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