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On not actually understanding what you're saying: Elly versus making sense.

The irritating thing about Elly's attempt to explain to Michael that yes, he so does deserve his two weeks away from television tells us a lot about her thought processes....such as they are. Let's begin with her comment about how Mike should take his punishment like a man. What she clearly means by this is that she wants Mike to shut up and obey because complaining is only good if the person being complained about isn't oppressed by the possibility that she might be unfair and wrong. Since as far she knows, Liz doesn't seem to mind, she assumes that Liz doesn't mind this. This is dangerous and stupid because she might actually strongly mind being jerked around and never say a thing. If Elly is hated and called insane and evil behind her back, she only thinks that her child respects her and that's a very bad thing.

Second, let's consider her comment about how it's up to her and John to set rules and guidelines so that he and Liz emerge from the house as worthwhile and responsible adults. That first word is VERY God-damned loaded because it says that Elly randomly damns any number of people as being completely worthless based on arbitrary, self-serving and irrational criteria. This makes her the exact opposite of the kind and fair person she tells herself she is but she doesn't admit it. Secondly, her being all over the map has so divorced Mike from understanding what cause and effect mean that when he does eventually emerge, he's completely incapable of existing in the adult world thanks to her and John's shambolic uselessness as parents.

This is because of the irresponsible and stupid way in which they wield discipline. By overreacting to non-events and letting huge problems go unnoticed, John and Elly do prove that there are worthless people out there: themselves!!
Tags: elly versus common sense

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