dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

It's 1989 and Elly still doesn't know who her kids are.

As we know, most of the problem I have with this arc is not just that Elly isn't being truthful about what she's punishing Mike for or that she blanked out on real problems like his under-aged drinking or the fact that he's starting to look a damned sight like a junkie in the death-spiral phase of withdrawal. They're just symptoms of Elly's greater refusal to take the time to understand who he is as a person in the first place. She doesn't see what we see (a gloomy, mean-spirited wacko who thinks that he's the only person in the world people are mean to) because she's too busy reacting to a media stereotype. Mike might be a pain in the ass to be around but he's not the type of pain in the ass his cement-headed parents believe him to be.

This inability to quite understand who the children are and what they want happens to be why the latest attempt to control their behaviour collapsed. It seems rather obvious that when Liz was telling Elly that story about the mean old witch who had two kids to punish because witches are mean, Liz wasn't talking about Elly at all. Logically connecting what's going on around her with her cute story is not something someone as oblivious and lacking in sense as Lizardbreath can do and Paul was being a picky-face for suggesting that she try understanding what the crap coming outta her mouth sounds like. Elly doesn't see the oblivious child who finds it hard to understand metaphors and pick up on what's happening around her because the idea that her child cannot form a coherent narrative from what she sees and hears fills her with dread.
Tags: elly versus knowing what's going on, elly versus self-awareness

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