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On maturity and model trains.

As I've said before, I think Lynn made something of a mistake in the way she set up the reprints because they have to make a real mess of things reshuffling them to compensate for her not simply skipping ahead a year after the Strip Of Destiny. If she had, we wouldn't be talking about Elly not realizing that there are worse problems than Mike and Liz cussing but would instead be talking about how there's only a thin veneer of stuffiness over the spoiled and selfish brat that is John Patterson. That's because his reaction to 'aging before his time' (by which he means turning forty, the fool) is to get sweet-talked into the model railroad habit. We get a broad hint as to how destructive this affectation is to become when he tries to commandeer the laundry room and behaves as if Elly were the problem when there's not enough room for his track and her work and when he gets all grabby and territorial when Liz wants to join in the fun because reasons.

He might think himself a wonderful person but there doesn't seem to be anything especially charming about a dope who, when told that a huge lot going to waste when people could build nice homes for themselves on in panics because he would not then be able to create a tasteless eyesore model train layout only he gets to really enjoy on it. That way lies interacting with his family and understanding what they really want and since that might make him an ogre or idiot, he'd rather play with his choo-choo toys and stay a kid than act like a man and fix the mess he made.
Tags: john versus being an adult

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