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North (Ontario) versus South(ern Ontario).

As we all know, Lynn really didn't much like living in Lynn Lake because she didn't like people all up in her business. This is why Lizardbreath got all homesick, really. She wasn't just longing for the approval of her parents or better shopping opportunities or to move forward in life like her friends were; what she was really yearning for was a world in which she could be anonymous.

The reason that I mention this is that Lynn ascribes this to a regional rivalry most Americans don't know about: the difference in culture between Northern Ontario and the South. The analogy that comes readiest to mind is contrasting Upstate New York with the Five Boroughs because we have what's pretty much two different states/provinces with one state/provincial government. The only difference is that Albany is part of the North while Toronto is the big city. This means that my analogy would make more sense if the provincial capital of Ontario were in Sudbury.
Tags: canadian culture 101

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