dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Canada and its forty-eight hour long Sundays.

It's sort of a shame that Lynn's fear of confrontation takes the form of not discussing Canadian holidays. This is because what looks for all the world like her cringing and insane dread that if the greater unwashed masses in the United States were to learn that Thanksgiving falls on a different date up North, they'd rise up and visit mayhem upon us in general and her in particular means that she's allowed her fear of strangers to keep her from teaching people something.

One of the things she could have taught you is that much as you tend to make your Thanksgiving into a long weekend, every so often, we end up with what are functionally Sundays that are forty-eight hours long. This is because if Canada Day and Remembrance Day fall on a Sunday, the following Monday is also a holiday so that we actually get a day off from work that's been absorbed by the real day also being Sunday. It's akin to how Independence Day extends to the Firth Of July if the Fourth is a Sunday.
Tags: canadian culture 101

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