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On the ease of believing that Phil is related to Elly.

Then again, maybe it's not such a bad thing that Lynn's anger at Alan for being "irrationally" upset about her talking shit about a dead woman because she was angry at her for caring force Phil off the page. This is because this arc reminds us that Phil ain't really good with kids that I've noticed. This, I think, stems from his generalized fear of what he calls "going down in flames" and what adults call "mattering worth a God-damn in this world." The idea of his gathering moss and leaving behind more of his kind so no one will forget does not appeal to the man because it means that childhood will finally fucking end and he'll actually have to give a shit about the opinion of others.

This appears to be anathema to the clod because the game he most likes to play with the children luckless enough to encounter him is "Adapt": he does whatever he God-damned feels like and the rug monkeys have to adapt. He, on the other hand, does not have to adapt to their needs in any way, shape or form because he's too much of a kid himself to be a dad really. It's why he never bothers making his immediate environment kid friendly despite having a nephew and two nieces to play with when it suits him. When it doesn't suit him, Mike, Liz and April are space monsters who do baffling things like goofing off, saying that they want results NOW instead of having to wait for Elly's approval and generally being children. 

This would be bad enough in and of itself if the man weren't another in the long line of crappy teachers that infest the Foobiverse. According to his Liography, the man seems to have randomly damned a class worth of children as antagonistic shlubs wasting his time because the dozy dollop was too busy squealing about a future of enslavement and misery (eg: being married) to bother with caring about their needs. After he got married and also over himself, he "rediscovered" the joys of teaching because he stopped letting his bad mood get in the way of doing his job. That being said, it would serve no earthly good to point out that the wonder students that graced his life AFTER he got married were functionally identical to the turnip people put in this Earth to torment him. Trying to get it to cross his mind that he's a surly dope who is shit with kids because he'll always be one isn't going to happen. 
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