dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ten years after the silence.....

 As I write this, I do so in the knowledge that it's almost ten years since we last saw the Pattersons. While Lynn has her own vague idea of what happened to the characters, I have my own less vague idea based on what I saw and how people actually behave. What seems rather obvious to me is that while deep in their hearts, Anthony and Elizabeth loathe one another and think that their marriage was a huge mistake they'd blundered into for stupid and discreditable reasons, they tell everyone they know (and also have managed to convince themselves most of the time) that they couldn't be happier with their lives and are more and more in love every day. Granted, they have an odd way of showing it (she screams and hurls shit at him while he ducks and delivers oafish putdowns) but that's just their way of saying I love you.

This is because what gets in the way of their honest disdain for one another is not just the need not to admit to having made mistake after stupid, destructive and unavoidable mistake. What they fear more than saying that they slept-walked their way into a life of misery is the fear of how the swarming herd of morons who see their interdomestic polecattery as proof that love is true and exists will react to their wanting to check out of other people's untenable fantasies. 
Tags: anyone wanna buy a used future?

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