dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Housening 1989

 Remember about eleven years ago or so when we were pissed off at Michael for dragging his feet on getting a new house because he couldn't find one with the following desiderata?:
  1. It must have a hidey-hole so he can isolate himself from his family while he communes with the muses.
  2. It must be owned by a meddling old nutjob who's pretty much a PSA for timely euthanasia.
  3. It must be the exact opposite of what's good for his wife and children.
It seems that we're going to be pissed at Phil for much the same reasons. First off, let's remember that he has the same insouciant utter lack of concern as to Georgia's needs that Mike has for the people affected by his brainless, infantile selfishness. Since he's fine with the way his life is, everyone else should be fine and if they're not, they're the problem.

Secondly (and this is the more important thing), he's as shit at financial decisions as Mike is. We see Mike piss his pile away bribing parking lot attendants and being the most anal prick at Starbucks EVAH!! and wonder if it's genetic. When we see Phil be perfectly prepared to walk away from a great deal his wife wants because of two lousy mortgage payments on a house that ended up getting bulldozed so someone could put up Milboring's iteration of Uncle Sam's Retail Monster Box, we end up confirming this hunch. Having him make Georgia miserable by not 'wasting money' on a moving van because he doesn't know what free means is just idiocy icing on his bullshit cake. 

Tags: phil richards: yapping ignoramus, the housening

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