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The unpersoning of Phil and Georgia

Of course, the really irritating thing about this business of buying a house is that after we end up watching Phil and Georgia simmer in rage because he acted like a guy and decided not to 'waste' money on a moving van because the pick-up he'd bummed off of a pal only cost her good will because she had to sit in the back in the rain to keep their furniture dry, the only time they appear together as a couple is two and a half years later when they're complaining about some old fart who insists on having his big, stupid dog tied up outside all night long to bark idiotically so as to frighten away media-created boogeymen. Three years later, he shows up looking ten years older and talks about how he now lives five hours away by car because they've moved away unannounced and SHE is simply more or less a living prop that isn't assigned dialog and doesn't move the plot forward.

This is not just because Lynn and Alan had a falling-out over the horrible things she said about their mother in that Hogan's Alley interview. This is also because Lynn had decided that she had too many characters what with April around. Since she took advice she wanted to hear from an idol, she cheerfully unpersoned people who didn't move the plot in a direction she wanted. The reason that I mention this is that all of this business eleven years ago about how at sixteen, April was all grown up and John and Elly had finally finished parenting their children is a clear sign that if the strip had continued, April would have simply disappeared without explanation one day and only been referenced in whining conversations about how misguided children who claim to feel unwelcome never write or phone or even e-mail, let alone return home where they're loved.
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