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Michael and his mile-wide yellow stripe.....

howtheduck made a great point on his blog entry for today: Mike can dish out punishment to people who are weaker than he is but he runs away in fear rather than confront someone stronger than he is. We've seen:

- His pathetic grovelling in the face of Brad Luggsworth's bullying which led the larger boy to judge him not worth picking on.

- His marked preference to be disciplined by Elly because John makes his punishents stick.

- His gutless refusal to deal with his downstairs neighbors in a constructive manner. He lets other people plead his case, he puts tape on floor and writes libelous artcles but he does not solve the problem because he might get yelled at.

- His cowardly departure from "Portrait" magazine which was, as we all know, inpsired by his refusal to confront his employer.

This tells me that Lynn thinks that bullies like Mike are essentially cowardly. After all, she's heard that cliché all her life so she has to put in her strip.
Tags: mikerobe: the universal infant

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